Dothan, Alabama — The coronaviruses coronaviral pandemic has already claimed the lives of more than 200 people, with hundreds more in critical condition in the United States.

The coronaviscoses deadly toll in the southern U.K. has reached more than 700,000 and could climb to 10 million if current trends continue.

In Alabama, the latest deaths from the virus include the city of Birmingham and two nursing homes.

In Tennessee, the number of coronavirets cases has reached 1,800 and is on track to exceed 100,000.

In Georgia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the number is more than 4,000, and the number in Tennessee is 2,500.

The number of cases in the Southeast and the Northeast has exceeded 9,000 in the past month.

“This is a global outbreak, and this is just a snapshot of it,” said Dr. John S. Schoenfeld, director of the University of Tennessee’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), in a phone interview from Atlanta, Georgia.

“So, it is not limited to a particular state or region, it’s a global issue.

And it’s affecting all of us.”

Schoenfeld said the country has seen “a really dramatic increase” in the number and severity of coronvirus cases in recent weeks.

The virus is now spread through the air.

He said the United Kingdom has seen a rise in the virus as a result of the coronviral pandemics, with the number now exceeding 10 million.

“There is no longer a lot of room in the population to spread this disease, and there are not enough people to be contagious.

So we have seen a very dramatic increase in coronavirotosis in the UK,” Schoenfeld said.

Tennessee Gov.

Bill Haslam has announced the state has officially declared a state of emergency in a state that is home to a high percentage of coronovirus cases.

“Tennessee has now become the latest state in the nation to declare a state-of-emergency,” Haslam said in a statement Thursday.

“Tennessee is a state with an unparalleled number of high-risk residents, including a high number of individuals with known exposure to coronavira and associated coronavic coinfections.

We are prepared to implement the state-wide declaration.

Our goal is to keep residents safe, and our first priority is ensuring the health and welfare of our citizens.”

The state has issued an order to all local governments requiring them to take precautions to ensure the safety of residents, which include requiring people to wear masks, using hand sanitizer, and not sharing personal items with strangers.

“It’s really important to have a plan in place,” Haslays chief health officer, Dr. David Bauder, told ABC News.

“I’m sure if you go to a funeral home or a church, it may not be as much of a concern.”

Bauder said people should avoid certain activities, like going to a bar or a restaurant, as well as staying home from work.

“The first thing you want to do is not have anyone come into your home or to your office or to anyone else’s home, because if you do, you are putting people at risk,” he said.

The outbreak began in December.

On Wednesday, the CDC reported that more than 6,300 people in the Southern U.M.E. have been diagnosed with the virus.

The outbreak has affected more than 30 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

In Kentucky, there have been more than 400 confirmed cases of the virus and more than 600 cases of coronivirus in the state.

The state has declared a statewide health emergency.

Tennesseans are being urged to wear face masks, limit their movement and take precautions if they have contact with people who are sick.

Tennans are also urged to take a minute to talk to their doctor about getting tested for the coroniviruses.


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