A crisis in Ohio has erupted, and it involves a war on public health.

Here are some things you need to know.




The first casualty of this war on health care has been OHIO.

Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) has said that if it’s not too late to save the state’s health care system, the state will go bankrupt.

He has promised to raise taxes on the middle class and middle-income earners, which will lead to a devastating loss of health care coverage.

That is not going to happen, but Kasich has a good shot at pulling it off.

Kasich has been trying to get his way on Medicaid expansion since 2015, and he’s trying to keep the expansion going with the help of Democrats in the legislature.

But the Republican-controlled legislature refused to give the state funding to pay for expansion, and now it’s up to the governor to do it.

The state’s governor has also indicated that the state may not get Medicaid expansion subsidies for two years.

This is a major setback for Ohioans, who have been waiting for years for the expansion to start.

The governor is also trying to push through his plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020, which would help ease the financial strain on many Ohioans.

That will also be a major blow to the economy.

Ohioans are also going to be hit hard by the new tax on cigarettes and cigars, which is going to hurt the tobacco industry in Ohio.

That’s another blow to Ohio’s economy, too.

As a result of this crisis, the federal government has been forced to step in to stabilize Ohio’s health insurance market.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that Ohio is in a financial crisis.

The CMS announced that the Ohio health insurance markets are at risk of “unexpected disruption” because of the financial crisis in the state.

But that’s just the beginning of the damage to Ohioans health care.

Ohio’s hospitals are also suffering from a lack of funds, and the state has not been able to cover the cost of providing necessary care.

The number of people who have seen a doctor in the last 24 hours has gone up.

That could mean that Ohioans may be waiting a lot longer for their appointments.

Ohio is also facing a financial burden due to the opioid epidemic, which has led to a surge in overdose deaths.

It’s hard to predict how many Ohio residents will die from the epidemic, but it’s expected to reach 300,000 deaths this year.

A federal judge has ruled that the Trump administration will be able to keep $1.6 billion in funding for Medicaid expansion.

That means that Ohio will be allowed to keep paying for Medicaid.

The Trump administration has said it is prepared to continue providing Medicaid to all of Ohio if necessary, but Ohio will need to pay $1,200 per person for every additional person it takes in.

As it stands, the Trump government has only been able for about two months to offer the additional Medicaid dollars that are needed to cover Ohioans under the Affordable Care Act.


OBAMACARE’S STATE MEDICATIONS ARE FRAUDULENT AND NOT COVERED IN OHIO AND OTHER STATES If Ohioans have been getting their Medicaid benefits for nearly a decade, they may not realize they are not getting their money’s worth.

The states Medicaid program is supposed to cover all people in Ohio who have a family member or close friend who is under 65 and who has a COVID-19 diagnosis.

But there are a lot of people in the U.S. who have had multiple COVID infections.

Many of those people are not eligible for Medicaid because they have been under 65 for decades.

There are also many people who are covered by the state health insurance exchanges who are not in the Medicaid program.

So while Ohioans who have COVID disease coverage under the ACA are getting a much better deal, people who don’t have COVEX coverage are getting the same deal.

The federal government is also not covering people who received COVID treatment in the past year.

This means that many people have been paying out-of-pocket for treatments and treatments have been canceled because they are too expensive.

That makes it very difficult for people to get care that they need.

Ohio has also been under a state Medicaid program called the Ohio Health Care Plan for more than 20 years.

It provides health care to low-income residents.

Under the Ohio plan, people can receive benefits for the cost-sharing and out- of-pocket costs of their health care treatments, as well as coverage for family and nursing home visits.

But many people are being hit by a massive debt load due to Medicaid expansion, which means they are likely to struggle to get access to


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