The Pentagon is trying to use a new drone to help it find drones that are causing problems for American soldiers and civilians.

The Air Force has been using drones to search for unmanned aerial vehicles that are flying too low, have flown too low and are taking off too quickly.

The Army wants to replace those drones with something more versatile, something that can hunt down the unmanned aerial vehicle it believes is causing problems.

“There’s no reason to fly a Predator 2 to look for a drone that’s flying too high and going too fast,” said Capt. Steve Hagerty, the Air Force’s deputy director of special operations.

“We’ve got the capability now to go up to 20,000 feet in an hour, and if it’s flying at a higher altitude, you can go out to 300,000.

We can fly that in an instant.”

The new drone will cost between $2 million and $4 million and will be the first to be built at Lockheed Martin Corp. The company is building the drone, called the Advanced Aviation Tactical Surveillance and Targeting System, or AATTS, for the Air and Marine Corps.

The military wants the drone to be able to track, track and shoot down a drone flying at 50,000 or higher in a minute or less.

The drone will fly over a target in real time, tracking it for 10 seconds, with a laser on the drone.

The pilot will then fly the drone over a second target to check its altitude and track it.

The aircraft can also be used to track a moving drone.

This drone is an advanced version of a drone the military is testing, but it is not intended to be used for surveillance.

The AATTs are expected to cost between a half million and a quarter million dollars each, but that is not known yet.

The government is testing the drone on soldiers, but not civilians.

A small amount of the drones will be used in training and training for the Marines, but there are no plans to use them in combat, the military said in a statement.

The Pentagon has been trying to figure out ways to use drones to help soldiers and Marines fight against enemy forces.

It is looking for ways to get the drones flying over targets that are less than 30 miles away and more than 30,000 yards away.

The drones are already being used for reconnaissance, but the Air Spying Office has been developing them as a way to target and destroy enemy drones.

They will be able do that with the help of the AATT, Hagerity said.

The new drones will not replace the drones already in use, but they will improve their ability to identify enemy drones, the statement said.

It said the AOTS would be able find the drone by flying at about 60,000 to 100,000 miles per hour, but could also target the drone at 100,500 miles per minute.

Hagery said the drones could be used against enemy drones that were operating from other countries.

They can’t shoot down the drone in flight.

The Navy and Air Force have been using unmanned aerial drones for decades to monitor underwater operations.

They have been able to shoot drones down, but only after the drone crashed.

The Defense Department has been studying unmanned aerial targets, such as unmanned helicopters, for more than a year.

It has spent billions of dollars trying to develop the technology that would let the drones fire their weapons from the air, and have it fire on the target at the same time.

But it has not been able in the past.

The unmanned aerial target is used in a variety of missions including tracking the movement of enemy aircraft, detecting enemy troop movements and locating enemy targets, according to the Air Mobility Command.


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