More than 40 people were killed and dozens injured when a gunman opened fire at the VA medical center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Wednesday.

Veterans have long complained about the facility’s staffing shortages and the fact that most employees have no experience working in the field, and some have said that the facility has been overrun with veterans who don’t need or want the services.

The VA has also struggled to keep up with the growing number of veterans transitioning to civilian life, with some states requiring that new veterans wait more than two years before transitioning to a new job.

In 2016, the VA paid $1.4 billion to settle a lawsuit brought by veterans who said the agency had failed to adequately care for them during the crisis.

President Donald Trump has been trying to fix the problem by increasing funding for veterans care, hiring more staff, and even expanding the VA’s ability to pay benefits.

But Trump has not yet proposed a plan to pay for the full cost of the health care overhaul.

Trump has been criticized for saying during his 2016 campaign that if he was elected president, he would be willing to spend up to $5 trillion on health care.

Many in the Republican party, including Trump, have expressed skepticism about the need for health care, especially given the fact many veterans are still struggling to get medical care after years of being discharged from the VA.

Democrats, however, are pushing the White House to take up the issue of veterans’ health care and have called on Trump to use the bully pulpit to push for more resources.

On Thursday, a coalition of more than 40 House Democrats called for a Congressional Review Act, or CRA, to make it easier for the administration to repeal the health law, a move that would allow Congress to quickly repeal the law without needing to pass a new spending bill.

At least 10 House Democrats, including Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut, have also introduced a bill that would use the CRA to repeal parts of the ACA, such as protections for people with pre-existing conditions.


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