Montreal – It’s not a question many Canadians can answer.

But it’s one that pays off in the end, because it’s an essential tool in maintaining an effective workforce.

Employees who manage the flow of information, manage employees, manage data, manage technology are among the most productive and effective employees in the world.

That’s because they’re among the few in Canada who can access information and keep it current, and the data they have is often valuable.

But the workforce also needs to be able to respond quickly to the changes in the environment.

That means they need the right personnel and a well-developed work-life balance, said David Dutton, president of the Manpower Research Institute in Montreal.

For the last decade, Dutton said, the Canadian government has invested heavily in training new employees to manage information and be efficient, as well as improving their work-load.

The government has also invested in an increase in seniority for managers, and in the ability of employees to learn new skills, he said.

In a country that has been known for being the leader in automation, the challenge for the federal government is to create the kind of workforce that can meet the new challenges, said Daniel Dutko, a senior researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

“The government needs to recognize that in order to achieve its goals, you have to have the right people to manage the workforce,” he said, adding that there’s no guarantee that a person who’s not in the workforce is going to be effective.

In an economy that has had a slow but steady growth of automation over the past three decades, Dutkos study showed, there are few people who can fully absorb that shift.

“It takes a few years to transition from an assembly line to a robot assembly line,” he wrote.

“That’s why we need to focus on people who are not in an office environment.”

What to look for in a good workerWhen looking for a good, qualified and committed employee to manage your company, consider the following:Ability to manage a team of people in the right way, as the workplace evolves to meet the needs of the changing economyThe ability to have an understanding of your business and to provide the right level of support, whether it’s support in managing the workplace or other servicesThe ability, skills and experience to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in business conditions and the changing workforce, Ducati said.

The ability of your employees to stay motivated and motivated is key, too, said Ducetti.

“That’s the only way you can grow a company,” he added.

Employee who can communicate effectively across the company, and work efficiently, can be very effective, Duttos work shows.

“This can be an important part of a good job,” he says.

But if you’re looking for someone who’s willing to move between roles or for a team, Duto said, you might want to consider someone with more than two years of experience, who can take on a variety of different roles, including manager, support worker and project manager.

For more on the latest workforce statistics from Statistics Canada, visit


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