The man behind the modern tech world, Apple’s Tim Cook, is one of the most recognizable figures in the history of the tech industry.

Now he’s a billionaire.

But he’s also a bit of a self-made man.

His life has been a rollercoaster ride.

Cook was born in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in computer science.

He spent the next decade working at a number of companies, including Intel, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Intel’s research labs, and even the Pentagon.

It wasn’t until a job in the CIA came his way that Cook got the opportunity to work on the new generation of spy satellites, which would revolutionize our intelligence gathering.

The spy satellites were launched in 1979, and Cook’s first job in government was to work with the government on their plans.

It was a tough time for him.

In the 1980s, the Reagan administration was in power, and he was in charge of the National Security Agency.

He was working for the CIA, but at a certain point, he was being pressured by his superiors to work for the NSA.

The NSA wanted him to join the agency because it was a great place to work, but they were also concerned that he would go rogue and betray the agency.

The CIA asked Cook to stay on the agency’s payroll so he wouldn’t be fired for betraying the agency, and the two of them worked together on the spy satellites.

Eventually, the NSA’s spy satellites would help them to defeat Iran and the Soviets.

The satellites became a real success and Cook became the director of the NSA and the head of the spy satellite program.

He later became the deputy director of national intelligence, and after leaving the NSA, he helped lead the intelligence community in the years since 9/11.

His career was defined by his ability to get things done.

He managed the agency at a time when it was in chaos.

In 2003, Cook was named director of strategic plans, which he took over from President George W. Bush.

But his tenure in the Bush administration didn’t go well.

In 2007, he announced his resignation after just three months, citing concerns about his handling of the 9/12 terrorist attacks in the U.S. While the Bush White House was still in the process of rebuilding after the attacks, Cook had an unusual and controversial move.

He had fired his predecessor, John Brennan, over allegations that Brennan had violated his oath of office by improperly using the NSA to spy on Americans and that he had mishandled the intelligence.

In January of 2009, Cook became vice president of the CIA under President Barack Obama, and within a year he was making waves with a series of controversial decisions.

Cook decided to expand the NSA surveillance programs, a move that infuriated some critics and outraged some allies.

Cook also launched a new effort called the National Counterterrorism Center, a secretive group that would focus on gathering intelligence on terror groups and was widely seen as a direct response to the Obama administration’s drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen.

The surveillance effort had a huge public relations problem.

When Cook announced the NSA expansion, it was widely criticized by both the CIA and the NSA as an expansion of the war on terror that was unnecessary and had far-reaching consequences.

The White House and the Obama White House argued that Cook had made a strategic decision that would benefit the United States, and that it was good for national security.

But the backlash from the CIA’s critics made it clear that Cook’s new initiative would not be good for the country or the CIA.

Cook’s decision to expand operations and his refusal to apologize for the controversial NSA spying program were widely seen by the intelligence agencies and the public as undermining the agency and its mission.

The debate over the NSA was a huge distraction for the president, who was trying to push through a series and many controversial national security and counterterrorism initiatives.

It also created a rift within the intelligence communities, which were not happy with Cook’s efforts to expand his surveillance activities.

But in the end, the CIA ended up losing control of the agency in 2010 after the White House refused to give it a new director.

The Obama administration had a big problem with the intelligence gathering efforts of the Obama Administration, which included the NSA programs, the drone attacks and the controversial spying program.

But it also had a massive problem with what Cook was doing.

The administration’s own internal review of the surveillance program found that Cook was wrong to do things he did not intend to do.

The inspector general for the intelligence and national security agencies, Christopher Wray, said that Cook misused his position as head of intelligence to gain political power and that the director violated his Oath of Office by using his position to get ahead of his responsibilities.

Wray said in a report to the Senate Intelligence Committee that Cook misled members of the intelligence committees when he said he was going to stop the NSA


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