By the end of the year, if the Trump administration wants to keep hiring federal employees, it needs to cut about $1 trillion from the federal budget.

This is a tall order for the Trump White House.

For example, it would take the Trump Administration about three months to trim the federal workforce by more than 50 percent, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

That’s just under three years, and the Trump Team is already considering a range of measures to reduce federal jobs. 

The Trump administration also needs to make sure the budget is not used for other purposes.

The federal government’s current fiscal year ends in September 2019, meaning it can be used to pay off the debt it accumulated during the Obama Administration.

If the Trump team decides to use the government’s debt to pay down the national debt, then the Trump budget would need to be cut by an additional $1.5 trillion over the next decade.

The budget process is messy and complicated, and it would be a difficult task to cut every penny from the budget. 

But there are some things the Trump Camp can do to help keep the federal government running. 

First, the Trump Campaign should keep track of federal hiring and give it to its staff, so that they can be hired quickly and efficiently, as well as given the opportunity to find other jobs.

It would be smart for the campaign to hire federal workers at their top level of responsibility, as soon as possible, in order to make a transition to a permanent workforce. 

Second, the Department of Defense should consider whether to use federal funds to build new barracks, which could allow it to retain its current staff.

In fact, the military’s top civilian leader recently said that the military should consider building barracks for the civilian population.

The Pentagon’s current barracks, however, are aging and in need of modernization. 

Third, the Federal Reserve should consider using its holdings of treasury bills to buy back bonds.

The Treasury Department currently has more than $1tn in Treasury bills, which are available to be used for various purposes.

It should be able to buy Treasury bills and use them to pay for the debt that the Trump campaign is borrowing. 

Fourth, the federal Treasury should increase its reserves and reinvest it in bonds. 

Fifth, the Obama administration has been slow to use its holdings to pay back the debt, and even more so, when it had the chance.

That means the federal debt could go up for a long time if Congress doesn’t act now. 

In sum, the White House could use its resources to do some things to make the federal economy work better and allow the federal employees to find jobs.

That would make the Trump strategy easier and less risky. 

Follow Paul Ryan on Twitter @PaulRyan. 

Read more from National Review: President Trump: I have no regrets about being ‘bought’ by China, but ‘nothing to apologize for’ article Paul Ryan has a plan to “make America great again,” but he doesn’t have much time left. 

On Tuesday, the Republican House speaker revealed that he will announce his “Plan B” if he can’t get enough votes from his own party to get a bill through the Senate. 

That plan is to eliminate the Department Of Education, the Small Business Administration, the Veterans Administration, and a host of other federal agencies. 

“The plan is, if we can get 60 votes, it’s going to pass the Senate,” Speaker Ryan said on Fox News on Tuesday, adding that it would also be the first step in the Trump Presidency to cut the budget by $1trillion over the 2018-2024 budget cycle. 

Ryan’s plan calls for a $1,000 reduction in the size of the federal bureaucracy, and he said it would reduce the number of federal workers by about 50 percent. 

If that sounds daunting, consider that the Department’s budget would be reduced by more $200 billion over the same time frame. 

Furthermore, the budget would also include the elimination of the National Institutes of Health, the Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and most of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

What this means is that the Ryan plan is not just a list of big cuts to the federal state.

Ryan wants to end “welfare, entitlements, social programs, health care, public safety, education, and more.” 

Ryan also wants to cut “our debt to zero.”

The White House already has a “grand bargain” that includes cutting $2 trillion in federal spending over the course of the next 10 years. 

It also includes the elimination “of every program, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits, and many other programs, except Medicaid.” 

So it sounds like a “Grand Bargain” to me. 

And this is not the first time that the Republican speaker has made a deal to cut federal spending. 

According to the Associated Press, Ryan


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