Fayette, Ga.

— The unemployment rate for Fayette County has risen to a high 5.7 percent, the highest in the state, according to the latest data from the U,S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The national unemployment rate was 6.4 percent.

The county’s unemployment rate also increased from 5.4 to 6.7, the fastest rate in the county.

North Carolina has the nation’s highest unemployment rate at 11.5 percent.

 “Fayette County is in a deep hole.

It’s not just an economic disaster for the county,” said Fayette Mayor Dave Thomas.

“We have an unemployment rate that’s double what it was before the recession.

We have a large number of people working in our city, in the city of Fayette.

And we have the highest percentage of unemployed people in the nation.”

Thomas said the county has a workforce of about 50,000.

“We’ve been looking for a way to move forward.

We want to move back in to a positive and stable economy,” he said.

Thomas said FAYE is a “sustainable place” to raise a family and provide a sense of stability to its people.

Fayetteville is the fourth largest city in the U for unemployment, behind Memphis, Tenn., and Columbus, Ohio.

The city of 5,200 has the highest unemployment in the South, according the BLS.

North Carolina’s unemployment is 5.3 percent, well below the national rate of 5.9 percent.

The BLS said that Fayette’s unemployment figure is slightly higher than the national average of 5 percent.

North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in North America, at 5.1 percent, followed by Alaska, Tennessee, and South Dakota.

A number of states, including Georgia, have reported unemployment rates above 5 percent, according CNNMoney.

In Georgia, the unemployment rate has increased by nearly 8 percentage points since the last survey was conducted.


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