A new book by the former CIA officer John Deutch argues that the CIA wrote a screenplay for a 1980 movie starring Matthew McConaughey, in which the agency’s secret police called on the public to “help them” by “supporting” the CIA.

The film, The CIA and the Vietnam War, was shot in Paris, France, in 1980, and Deutch wrote that the director, James Cameron, had been inspired by “the CIA’s success in influencing Hollywood’s political culture.”

The movie’s plot revolves around a CIA operation in France called Operation Red Storm, and when it comes to the movie, Deutch points out that it was actually the CIA’s own film studio that brought it to life.

Deutch’s book, The Vietnam War: The Untold Story, is due out on May 24.

The book also documents the existence of a secret document known as the “Operation Red Storm” memo, which was prepared by the CIA in 1979 and shared with the director and director of photography.

The memo, according to Deutch, was intended to inform filmmakers about how to portray the CIA and other American government agencies in films.

Deut argues that McConaughy’s portrayal of the CIA “in the film is accurate, and that it could be used as a warning to other actors and filmmakers.”

“As a filmgoer, you want to see your movies, and you want a movie to be true to you,” Deutch told Newsweek.

“The movie has no idea that it’s actually being produced by the American government, and it’s trying to do something to stop us from being able to make movies about what’s going on in this country.”

Deutch was the CIA station chief in France during the 1980s, and according to the book, he “had a great relationship with Cameron.”

He was also on the cover of the magazine in 1982, and he was also involved in some of the film’s promotional materials.

The “red-haired man” who was later played by Matthew McConnaughey in the movie has been identified as CIA agent Harry “Sandy” White, according of Deutch.

Deutsch said that McConnaughy and Cameron were friends, and “he loved working with the CIA, and they were on the same page.”

Deut said that Cameron was “very good” at making films, but “he did have an occasional slip of the tongue.”

The CIA’s official line on the movie is that the movie was not an official CIA film, and McConaghy’s role in it was “a non-citizen agent.”

The book describes how the CIA had its own version of the movie script in its archives, which were kept secret from the public.

Deuch says that he had no idea how the movie came about.

“They made an agreement with James Cameron to make a movie,” Deut explained.

“I didn’t know what the deal was, but James Cameron said, ‘Yeah, I’ll pay you $2,000 for it, and I’ll write it.’

So I wrote it, he wrote it and they made it.

I don’t know who made it or what was said about it.

And then I got it and I went, ‘Oh, shit, it’s in the CIA.”

Deutsch says that the producers of the 1980 movie tried to get the CIA to take credit for it.

“When I first heard about it, I was a little bit shocked,” Deuch told Newsweek, adding that he was unaware of any official CIA involvement in it.

Deuter says that it is “disappointing” that “the filmmakers and producers of this movie, for the most part, are not being held accountable for the actions of their producers.”

Deuter said that he believes that the film was written in an effort to “raise awareness about the Vietnam war, and to make it look like the U.S. was taking on a military dictatorship in Vietnam.”

“It was also to raise awareness about human rights abuses in Vietnam, and about CIA involvement, and in general about the nature of American power in the world,” he said.

Deuts comments echo a previous Newsweek report that detailed the existence and role of the “Vietnam War” document in the agency archives.

DeUT said that the “CIA has never released any documents from the Vietnam project, and certainly nothing from its archives,” adding that the documents “do not show any CIA involvement.”

“The ‘Vietnaman Papers,’ as they are known, are a fascinating, fascinating book,” Deutsch told Newsweek at the time.

“It shows that a lot of these things that the public was told, as opposed to what the documents say, were just fiction.

They were all fabricated by the people who were doing them.

And I think that we have to be very careful about our public rhetoric because it’s easy to turn the public on to


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