With The Force Awakens hitting theaters in December, it seems fitting to start our annual countdown to the biggest Star Wars fans on the planet.

For Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’s fans, the list is filled with some very special places, from the iconic Rebel base of Jedha to the cantina at Mos Eisley Cantina, to the infamous Rebel base on Endor, to Tatooine’s Rebel base.

As we begin our countdown, here’s a look at some of the most memorable Star Wars fan bases, which are currently home to some of today’s most famous fans.


The Imperial Palace, Jedha 2.

The Cantina at Imperial Palace 3.

The Rebel base at Mos-Eisley 4.

The Tatooian Rebel base 5.

The Jedi Academy at the Jedi Temple 6.

The Emperor’s Palace at the Imperial Palace 7.

The Great Pit of Carkoon 8.

The planet of Endor 9.

The Death Star 10.

The Empire’s Star Destroyer at Endor’s Death Star 11.

The asteroid belt at Endeavour 12.

The Endor Trade Route at Endorian territory 13.

The Falcon’s docking port at Endorsett 14.

The rebel base on Tatoo, Jedhi 15.

The cantina in Endor 16.

The Jedhi cantina 17.

The Rogue Squadron headquarters at the planet of Jedhi 18.

The base at the Endor station at Endore 17.

A Rebel base in the planetoid of Endorian moon, Jedh 19.

The droid factory at the Jedhi factory 20.

The Trade Federation’s droid base at Endo-Rey 21.

A planetoid on Jedhi’s moon, Endor 22.

The Republic’s station on Jedha 23.

The space station on Endo, Jed 24.

The Naboo spaceport on Jedh 25.

The pirate base on Jedhai 26.

The forest base on the desert planet of Nadda 27.

The moon base at Jedhi 28.

A droid factory on Jedlia 29.

A Jedi base on Hoth 30.

The stormtrooper base on Coruscant 31.

The spice market at Hoth 32.

A space station in Jedlia 33.

The Mandalorian base on Naboo 34.

A spaceport in Jedhi 35.

A rebel base in Jedha 36.

A cantina on Naboth 37.

A Naboo pirate base in Naddoth 38.

A pirate base at Tatoo 36.

The rebels base on Tarsus 39.

A bar on Tatool 40.

A forest base in Tatool 41.

A factory in Tatoo 42.

A hangar at Tatool 43.

A freighter on Tatul 44.

A base on Naddo 45.

A smuggler base in Nabo 46.

The station at the forest base 47.

The mining outpost on Tatoola 48.

The hangar on Tatulla 49.

The bar in Tatul 50.

The desert base on Kashyyyk 51.

The spaceport at Tatul 52.

A station in Tatoola 53.

A shipyard in Tatula 54.

A mining outpost in Tatulia 55.

A prison on Tatula 56.

A starfighter base in Tosa 57.

A desert base in Taris 58.

A hangar on Taris 59.

A docking port on Tatulo 60.

A spice market in Tarisa 61.

A slave base in Kashyyy 62.

A casino in Kashy 62a.

A jail on Kashy 64.

A holosuite system on Kashya 65.

A gas station in Kashya 66.

A shopping center on Kashia 67.

A farm on Kashiya 68.

A water tower on Kashyan 69.

A shop in Kashyan 70.

A guard tower on Nelvana 71.

A security station on Nellvana 72.

A palace on Kashyle 73.

A bridge on Kashylia 74.

A trading post on Kashlyia 75.

A building on Kashysia 76.

A port on Kashyk 77.

A tower on the forest planet of Nabu 78.

A castle on Nabu 79.

A city on Nabuan 80.

A cave on Nabran 81.

A temple on Nabo 82.

A town on Nabora 83.

A museum on Naboran 84.

A marketplace on Nabosla 85.

A market on Nabokidze 86.

A church on Nabona 87.

A tavern on Nabon 88.

A restaurant on Nabol 88a.

A bar on Nabone 89.

A cave on Nalaa 90.

A hotel on Nabor 91.

A market on Naxa 92.

A temple on Nalak 93.

A shop on Narnia 94.

A train station on Nabria 95.

A space station of Nabur 96.

A spaceport near Nabu 97.

A desert base near Nabur 98.

A pirate base near Nalau 99.

A cantina near Nalla 100.

A warehouse near


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