By now, you probably know that the US military is currently undergoing a major overhaul to improve its drug testing procedures and to prevent soldiers from being falsely accused of drugs and other offenses.

The change is aimed at preventing soldiers from committing acts of violence that could harm their comrades and civilian communities.

It’s an effort to increase the likelihood that soldiers would be willing to help in the war on drugs and to keep the drug problem from becoming too prevalent.

But it’s also a sign of the changing nature of war in Afghanistan.

The United States is entering a period of significant changes in its international relations, particularly with regards to its relationship with its key regional ally, Pakistan.

This is particularly true in Afghanistan, where the United States has been a critical partner in its fight against the Taliban and other terrorist groups in the country.

In recent years, the US has spent billions of dollars in the region to provide military aid to Pakistan, which is a crucial partner for the United Sates in its battle against terrorism.

As a result, the relationship between the two countries has come under strain over the past decade, as the Pakistani military has increased its use of violence against the United Nations mission in the troubled country.

But the US continues to see the Pakistani army as a partner in the fight against terrorism, even though it continues to prosecute the country’s own warlords and human rights abusers.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry responded to the latest wave of attacks by saying that the “terrorists are targeting our people and attacking our national security.”

As part of this new effort, the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is working with Pakistan to “address the rising level of violence and drug trafficking in Pakistan.”

The FCO, in a press release, noted that “the coalition has already established a high level of cooperation with Pakistan in areas including counter-terrorism, intelligence, counter-extremism, counterproliferation and counter-narcotics.”

The UK is also committed to “supporting Pakistan’s efforts to counter drug trafficking and corruption.”

So far, there are no indications that the UK will join the US in providing a new form of military aid for Pakistan.

However, British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the country needs the help.

“We need to support the government of Pakistan in its efforts to reduce the violence in the north-west and make sure that it does not repeat the mistakes of the past,” Cameron said in May.

“In the same way that we support the efforts to prevent the spread of the Zika virus in Latin America, we will work with Pakistan’s government to make sure its efforts are supported as well.”

As a consequence of the US-Pakistan partnership, the country has seen a marked increase in drug trafficking.

In June, Pakistani authorities arrested a suspected drug trafficker who was allegedly involved in the drug trade in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province.

“The fact that the government is putting in place these anti-drug measures is a positive sign that Pakistan has become a more dangerous place to live and work,” the Pakistani foreign ministry said in a statement at the time.

But there are still problems in Pakistan’s drug control efforts.

According to a recent report from the International Narcotics Control Board, drug use has been rising in Pakistan in recent years.

According, the report, the number of people arrested for drug offenses increased by 40 percent between 2014 and 2017.

And, the police, who are supposed to be on the side of the drug users, continue to use harsh tactics and harsh penalties against the drug offenders.

According a report by the Pakistan Institute for Public Policy Research (PIPPR), a think tank, the authorities in the south-western tribal region of Balochistan, where PPP is based, have resorted to harsh tactics, including detaining drug users and arresting them for drug trafficking at gunpoint, as well as using violence against drug users.

PIPPR said in its report that the violence and punishments are inhumane and cruel.

“Even though the government has made some efforts to control drug use, it has yet to achieve any tangible progress in the battle against drug abuse in Balochi,” PIPP said.

In a report released in March, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) highlighted the lack of accountability for the drug use in the tribal regions.

“A large number of drug users are arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned in Baluchistan and the rest of Pakistan, and the authorities have a very poor track record of dealing with drug-related crime,” the report stated.

“This lack of effective and effective drug control is the root cause of the problems in Balutistan, a country of only 11 million people.”

As the war against the insurgency in Afghanistan continues to drag on, the war is also affecting the countrys relationship with the rest, especially Pakistan.

As Afghanistan


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