The Navy’s $15.9 billion budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 was trimmed by $15 billion, or 15.9 percent, from the previous year.

That includes cuts to the Navy’s main and support ships, as well as a significant reduction in some key programs.

The Navy is seeking to get more money back from the Department of Defense by reducing its annual operating budget by roughly 10 percent, and it’s doing so by cutting programs in the Navy Science and Technology Command.

For example, the Navy is proposing to cut $3.3 billion from its Naval Science and Tech Command (NS&TC) by 2021.

In a statement, the department said it’s seeking to reduce spending by $4 billion from the agency that provides training, mentoring and career support for enlisted sailors.

That’s not the only change the Navy plans to make in 2021.

The department is seeking $1.5 billion to be allocated for the modernization of the Navy Communications Systems Command, or NCSC.

The move would be a first for the Navy.

The previous budget request for the NCSC called for $1 billion in funding.

The NCSC has since been reduced by $500 million, or 1.4 percent.

The budget also proposes to cut the number of Naval Weapons Systems Command officers to 2,000 from 2,500.

The new budget calls for $2.3 million to be provided for the transfer of NCSC and NCSC technology, and $3 million for the acquisition of NCSPR, a joint development center.

Navy officials said the changes to the program were part of an effort to keep the services from competing for talent, and said they will continue to use the funds for those priorities.

But some defense experts are skeptical of the budget proposals.

“I think the Navy has been pretty good with the money,” said Paul M. Hirsch, a defense expert at the Brookings Institution.

“They’ve spent it in the past.

They’re going to spend it on things they’ve never spent it on before.”

The Navy also plans to reduce its Navy Aviation and Marine Corps Reserve Forces Command by about $1 million, from $12.5 million to $9.3 to ensure that there are enough reserve officers available for service in a contingency.

The reductions to the reserve forces command will be made at the Navy Maritime Command, the Defense Department’s top military command.

The changes were announced during the Navy Day ceremony, which took place Oct. 13 in Newport News, Va.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has previously said the cuts will help the military avoid “fiscal cliff.”

In a speech on Oct. 5, Hagel said the Navy would be able to provide “the same or more than it has for the past five years,” without having to rely on more federal spending cuts or new tax increases.

He also said that in 2021, “the Navy is on track to reduce our total budget by nearly $50 billion, an increase of almost 30 percent.”

A Navy official said that number includes the proposed cuts to naval weapons, shipbuilding, and aircraft.

The Pentagon will be in a tough financial position as it attempts to balance its budget in the wake of the sequester.

The Office of Management and Budget estimates that if sequestration remains in place until at least 2021, the federal government will have to cut roughly $4 trillion.

The sequester will affect everything from food stamps to Social Security benefits to Medicare.

The Defense Department has a $18.5 trillion unfunded liability and has had to borrow money from the Federal Reserve to fund its operations.

It has already taken on more than $15 trillion in debt.


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