Workers have a lot to do to keep the economy going, but how can you keep your workforce happy?

If you want to keep employees happy, find ways to keep them working long enough for them to become productive, and that’s where you can get a head start.

Find out more about work and productivity.

Work and productivity The latest employment figures from the Bureau of Statistics show there were 2.6 million fewer jobs in July.

That’s down from the 2.9 million jobs lost in June.

But the drop is still significant.

The unemployment rate fell from 4.9 per cent to 4.7 per cent last month.

While it’s still far too low to put an exact figure on the impact on jobs, the government says that’s about two thirds of the rate the previous year.

For many employers, it’s not just the number of jobs that are dropping.

“We’re seeing a reduction in the number that are being advertised and the quality of the work,” the Department of Employment said.

It’s the lowest unemployment rate since the economy began to recover in 2008.

What is productivity?

The government says productivity, or the amount of output produced per hour of work, is important.

Its a measure of how many people can work at a given time.

So if productivity is lower than people are paid, then they’re not getting enough work.

If productivity is higher than people get paid, they’re getting more work.

It’s a measure that is closely linked to wages.

One of the most popular productivity measures is called “wages per hour”.

“The more hours that workers work, the higher the hourly wage,” a spokesman said.

“The higher the wage, the more work they’re likely to get.”

The wage rate is also a good measure of productivity.

As of July, hourly pay for full-time staff was $31.20, down 0.1 per cent on a year earlier.

Workers who were earning $35,000 or more a year were also paying less than half of what they were earning a year ago.

A spokesman for the Department for Employment said the “wage premium” was due to productivity, as well as the fact that the economy had recovered faster than most previous years.

We are seeing productivity improvements, but the underlying rate is still very low, he said.

“We know that productivity growth is an important driver of job creation.”

The Government is committed to improving the wage premium, but also to maintaining or even increasing employment for those who have been in work for longer.

“What are the biggest job-creating policies?

The government has introduced a range of policies that will help boost productivity.

One is a new national apprenticeship scheme that will give young people up to three years to become apprentices.

This is designed to give the best chance of finding work and to give employers the best training and skills to attract and retain good workers.

Another is the apprenticeship levy, which will make it easier for businesses to attract young people to join their ranks.

And there are other policies that can help boost job creation, such as boosting the value of the money workers are getting from the state pension.

What are some other jobs that aren’t as big as the ones being lost?

Many people work in retail and hospitality.

However, many of those jobs are in a low-paying service sector and have lower pay.

There are also many jobs that people don’t even think of as being important.”

In the mining industry, where there are a lot of high-skilled jobs, such jobs are not worth the extra risk. “

They’re really low-level, there’s nothing to be done, and you have to do it to stay in the game.”

In the mining industry, where there are a lot of high-skilled jobs, such jobs are not worth the extra risk.

In mining, you’re not only going to have to go to the mine, you have a much higher risk.

“If you have an accident, the risk is much higher, you don’t have much chance of getting out alive, you’ll die,” he said, adding that “there’s just no way around it”.

“You’re going to be a prisoner of your job.”

You have to work your whole life and there’s no time for retirement.

“And what can we do about it?

A new Government-commissioned report says that the best way to boost productivity in the economy is to create more jobs.

They say that a lot can be done by creating a more flexible workforce, investing in skills training and encouraging employers to provide a better and more affordable career path.

Labor’s national employment spokesperson, Brendan O’Connor, said there were


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