CNNMoney columnist Eric Lichtblau says that many of the jobs listed on job boards and websites are in fact not even remotely available, let alone well-paying ones. 

Some of the most common ones listed include sales and marketing, which many people don’t even know exist, according to the National Association of Realtors.

“There are no jobs that I know of where people are going to be offered a job if they are not willing to put in the hours and have the dedication to do the job,” Lichtbauer told The Huffington Post.

“People just want to get to work and they are trying to be productive and they can’t.

It’s hard to get out there and get a job and not feel like you are being paid for it,” he added.

Job boards and online job boards are an excellent place to find the best jobs.

And many of them are offering high-paying jobs, which you can find on the job boards. 

Here are some of the best and most affordable jobs in America.

Job sites like Craigslist, Monster and Upwork, for example, offer jobs for people to do as many hours as they want and make as much money as they can, Lichtber said.

“A lot of times, when people have an offer, they’re saying they want to work for a couple of weeks and then they want another offer,” Lichber said, adding that the companies that do offer these jobs are often offering more than $50,000 per year. 

In the case of Monster, for instance, a $50-an-hour job would set you back about $1.5 million, Lichberg said. 

And a $75,000 job would be nearly $3.5 billion. 

But the good news is that there are also many other good jobs out there.

The good jobs listed by job boards, Littbauer said, are also often listed as “free” on the sites, so they may be less lucrative than a $500,000-per-year job. 

“You are not paying them, they are just looking to get a position.

And then they can go home and take the kids to school,” Littber said of these jobs. 

Lichtbaur said that while it’s good to see that there is a lot of work available, the reality is that most people do not have the training and skills to be able to do these jobs, Litchber added. 

The jobs listed above are a very good indication of the amount of money people are willing to spend, and the types of jobs that people are actually willing to do. 

If you are interested in a job, you should be.


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