Greenville, SC—It’s a long, grueling day.

I’ve been here for two days, the longest of my life.

I work at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.

My boss, a guy named Tony, tells me to check the phone on his desk, but I’ve got a bad feeling about it.

I’m in the middle of a meeting.

And I’m not supposed to be here.

The phone is still ringing.

It’s a call from my HR.

Tony’s voice comes over the line: “Tony, I’m getting ready to send out a call.”

Tony: Hello.

How are you?

The man is on his way to his office.

He has a large conference room in the back of the building.

He’s a guy who works at a big, large insurance company, and he wants me to come out to his place and do a meeting, which he expects me to do right now.

I get to the front door and Tony’s waiting for me.

He says, “Tony is getting ready for a meeting with a senior management team.

The boss has decided to cut back on staffing.

We’re looking for someone who can be a good employee, but that person needs to be able to do everything he needs to do.”

I know that Tony’s a good guy.

I have worked with him on a lot of projects.

He is a great guy.

And the call is coming.

And it’s coming from someone at a company that has hired me to work for them.

And there’s no way that Tony is just trying to cut us out.

Tony is very specific about this.

He wants someone to do the job, and I’m going to do it, he says.

He tells me I’m working at a good company.

And he’s going to take me on as a good colleague.

I go to the meeting, and the boss says, I want you to come in, but first, I have to make sure you can do this job.

So I do.

I tell Tony that I’ll take him on as my assistant.

He asks me if I can go on my own time.

I say sure.

And then I go.

And when I walk in, I say, Tony, I just want to be a friend to you.

And you tell me that I am.

And Tony looks at me, and his eyes widen.

I look down at the floor, and Tony says, Tony: I’m sorry.

I know you’re nervous.

You have a lot to think about, but we have a good plan.

So let’s do it.

So, Tony goes over to his desk and pulls out a piece of paper.

And on the back is a line.

It says, There is a new employee in the organization.

I need you to do this for me, because I need to know that this person is really doing this for us.

Tony puts the paper down.

And we’re both sitting at the desk.

I think I just said goodbye to Tony.

I just got a phone call.

I don’t know what to say.

Tony looks around the room, and then he says, You have to do something.

He looks at my shoulder and he says: Don’t worry.

Tony: It’s okay.

I mean, it’s going down the drain, right?

And he says I know what you’re going through.

He doesn’t say, This is what I want.

Tony goes to his computer and goes to my LinkedIn profile.

He starts looking at my work history.

It looks like this: I am a software engineer, but also a marketing manager.

I am the VP of marketing at a large insurance provider.

I also do customer service and digital marketing.

I worked on the marketing team for an organization that is doing a lot more automation than I did.

So now I’m just looking at what I’m supposed to do.

And that’s it.

There’s no more work to do, so I go home and tell my family.

I didn’t do this.

I did it wrong.

I had a bad day.

So my mom tells me, I should have taken a couple of days off.

I should’ve just gone home and cried.

And my dad says, Well, that’s okay, son.

I can understand it.

Tony says that’s not fair.

Tony was there for me for eight months.

I was there four months.

And now, he’s gone.

Tony walks back to his boss, who says, He’s sorry, I understand that, but this is a bad business decision.

And to make matters worse, Tony is only going to work here for three more months.

He should have been here longer.

And after that, I think he’s just going to be an intern.

Tony then goes back to work at Blue Cross.

But he’s not going anywhere.

He keeps his job.

I still have


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