I am no longer a member of the National Guards.

This is the decision of the United States Marine Corps and a result of an unprecedented and devastating attack by ISIS on a joint U.S.-Iraqi coalition.

The military’s response was an assault on our very existence, an attack that has only intensified since the beginning of 2017.

For that reason, I no longer support the United Nations.

And I am proud to say that I did not leave the National Military Command Center to join the Iraqi Security Forces, but rather to be a member in good standing of the Iraq Army. 

I left the National military Command Center in the spring of 2017 after completing my mandatory three-year service in the U.N. As an Iraqi, I had spent my entire life serving my country, and I felt that this time I would be able to continue to do so.

My goal at the time was to serve my country in the best possible way, but I also wanted to help make the country a better place.

I was so proud of the sacrifice of our soldiers and sailors who had risked their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and now sacrificed their lives to save the people of Iraq and the region.

As I watched the U,S.

and coalition warplanes destroy ISIS, I knew that our lives were at stake.

The time of my leaving the UMC was one of the darkest days of my life.

For the last two years I have been living a lie, pretending to be something that I am not.

I have made a mockery of my own military service.

I lied to my commanders, I lied about my injuries, I told lies about what happened on the battlefield and lied about what the coalition did and why it did it.

I used to have a sense of purpose.

Now I only have one.

I do not have the same sense of meaning and purpose I once had.

It has left me feeling like a pawn in the game of the world, a pawn that will not hold my own in the long run. 

The most recent attack on the coalition’s forces was a surprise attack.

It was the first time since the Uprising in 2006 that I saw any coalition forces take direct action.

That was an act of aggression by ISIS, and a violation of the international community’s collective security obligations.

It is the only attack on coalition forces that I witnessed, and my only response was to watch from afar as I was surrounded and killed. 

When the Iraqi people saw my body lying on the ground, they did not know what to think.

They knew that I had served with them for over two years and had served so well in combat, and they had witnessed my bravery in combat.

But they did know something else, and that was that I was a woman, a veteran, and an Iraqi.

They also knew that the United Kingdom had not accepted me as an Iraqi after I served.

I had always hoped that the Iraqis would accept me as they did with others. 

It is important to understand that I served as a member, and not a fighter. 

I have served my country with honor and pride, and with a full set of military skills.

I fought in combat in Iraq.

I also served in Afghanistan and Iraq as a private.

I did all that I could to ensure that my country was safe and secure, and this is what I did. 

The United States is now a leader in the world.

It took years of relentless pressure from our coalition partners and other countries to achieve our shared goal of defeating ISIS and ensuring the security of Iraq, Syria, and the wider region.

We are now working together to take the fight to ISIS in Iraq, to fight to secure the lives of Iraqi civilians, and to secure our interests in the region and around the world through a military campaign.

Our success will depend on the willingness of our coalition partner nations to take bolder actions against the terrorist group. 

Our coalition partners must lead by example and act as if they do not expect to be criticized for doing the same thing they are now doing. 

America’s leadership and the leadership of the entire world must unite in supporting our efforts to defeat ISIS and other extremists.


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