By Kaitlyn Burt-Carr,Staff ReporterPublished March 03, 2018 11:38:52The hiring of women to work in the Marine Corps is not only good for the Corps, it’s a national and international priority.

But many women in the military don’t feel they’re getting the job they want, and the Marine Women’s Marine Corps Association (MVMA) is advocating for more women to be hired to fill jobs that require more technical skills, leadership skills, and leadership experience.

In the last three years, the MVMA has worked with more than a dozen U.S. cities to hire female military officers and enlisted personnel to fill critical positions, such as intelligence, combat, logistics, logistics support, and combat training.

This includes filling positions that are critical to the national security of the United States.

“The biggest reason that we’re seeing so many women officers in those roles is that we are trying to attract the right talent and the right culture,” said Jennifer Tashlin, president of the MVLA.

“We’ve seen some incredible progress and a lot of work being done.

We’re working with the Department of Defense, but there’s still a lot more to be done.”

In the next five years, it is estimated that the MVSA will hire 1,100 women and girls to fill the roles that require a broad range of technical, leadership, and other skills.

In the past, there have been fewer women than men in the roles of infantry, cavalry, and special operations.

But in recent years, some have said the Marine Forces Academy (MFA) and the United Nations (UN) have been the best choices for training.

“I’ve been very pleased with the performance of the women, particularly in terms of the training and the job-training they have done,” said Lt.

Gen. Janine Schoenfeld, director of the MFA.

“In terms of women in general, they have an advantage.”

Schoenfeld noted that while the military is changing, women still need to learn about and adapt to the military’s culture.

“Our culture and our expectations of our female officers, in addition to their male counterparts, is a bit different,” she said.

The MFA has also been pushing to make sure female Marines are treated fairly.

“Women, on the other hand, have a much greater amount of experience, a much better knowledge base, a higher degree of technical proficiency than their male colleagues,” Schoenfield said.

In recent years the MVDA has worked closely with the MHA, the Women’s Leadership Council, and others to get women involved in the recruitment process.

In 2015, the MVA became the first major U.K.-based nonprofit to recruit and train female military leadership.

This year, the LVMA is also working to ensure that women are fully supported during their time in the Marines.

“As we’re working on getting more women in our ranks, we’re also working on recruiting more women into leadership roles,” Tashino said.

“We want to get the Marine leadership, the Marines, to see that this is a way to elevate women to leadership positions,” she added.

In some cities, women are even being hired to run recruiting events for the Marine Force Officers Association (MFIA).

“We need to encourage the girls to stay and get a better understanding of the Marine culture and the Marines culture, and how it can be more inclusive,” Tshino said, adding that women should be allowed to work on their own if they feel they don’t fit into the Marine’s culture, including how women are treated.

The MVMA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the advancement of women and their families in the United Kingdom.

For more information about the MVCA and the MWA, visit


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