A group of white supremacists from the United States has posted a YouTube video claiming that they are going to fight against black Americans to defend the “white race”.

The group, which is calling itself “Unite the Right”, said in the video that it will gather in the streets of Chicago, where the “tanners” will be “taking up arms” against black and Hispanic Americans.

The group’s leader, Matthew Heimbach, said in a video posted on Sunday that “we are going in force” and “we will kill you all”.

“We’re going to kill you like a rabid dog.

You’re all going to be killed,” Heimbaches said.”

It’s time to get back in line, to get out of the country and get ready for what we’re about to do.

We’re going in line.

But the movement has since gained momentum in several cities across the US, including cities such as Atlanta and Milwaukee.”

The Black Lives Matter movement started with the killing of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a black man in Florida.

But the movement has since gained momentum in several cities across the US, including cities such as Atlanta and Milwaukee.

In the video, Heimbachers supporters said they would be in the city for “days and days” as they prepare to “take up arms against black people”, although he added that “tens of thousands” would also be joining.

The United States was founded in 1776 as a slave-owning country.

In the aftermath of the civil war, the country became a US state and became the first country to adopt slavery as an accepted practice.

The movement gained momentum after Martin Luther King Jr and his civil rights organisation, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), led a sit-in outside a Mississippi jail in 1965.

After King was shot dead by a police officer, civil rights leaders called on black Americans and other minorities to take up arms.

In 1968, the Black Panther Party became the largest armed group in the US.

But it was not until the Vietnam War that the black movement was able to gain a foothold.

The armed struggle led to the establishment of a Democratic administration in the United Kingdom and the formation of the Black Panthers, which was renamed the Black Liberation Army (BLA) in 1971.

The Black Liberation Front, a successor organisation, took up arms in the 1980s against US imperialism in Nicaragua.

In 2015, the US Supreme Court struck down a section of the Voting Rights Act, which required states to get approval from the federal government before changing voting procedures.

The US government has also been criticised for its use of excessive force during the occupation of Iraq.

In December, US President Donald Trump ordered the release of more than 1,000 detainees who were held by the Iraqi government, including some who had been convicted of terrorist acts.

But Heimbashes said he did not see any reason why the US should be held responsible for the killings.”

We’ve seen the BLM. “

I think we’re ready for the Black Lives matter movement, we’re prepared for the BLM movement.

We’ve seen the BLM.

We’ll see the tanners.”


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