Manpower Day is coming up this year and, for the first time in a while, we are finally getting some real, meaningful jobs on our calendars.

We have a number of jobs that are still available and, if you are looking for a job, this is the place to start.1.

Sales and marketing executive with an IT consulting company.2.

Computer and data analyst with a company that sells digital security products.3.

Sales director for a healthcare firm.4.

Manager for a high-tech firm.5.

Marketing director at a marketing company.6.

Marketing and communications specialist at a consulting firm.7.

Software engineer with a software company.8.

IT specialist with a technology consulting firm9.

Marketing executive with a financial services company.10.

Data scientist with a data analytics company.

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‘Manage Your Business Online’ is a new app that helps you manage your business.

Get started now!2.

Learn how to create a LinkedIn profile in one month.3,000-square-foot office at the U.S. Department of Energy is being transformed into a ‘data-center’ that stores the state of Iowa’s entire digital ecosystem.4,000 square feet of office space at a New Jersey-based software company is being converted into a data center.5,000 to 6,000 employees at a Chicago-based health care company are being trained as data scientists.6,000 people at a manufacturing company in Illinois are being taught how to process data.7,000 students from a high school in South Dakota are working in data science at a public school in Chicago.8,000 workers at a construction company in Iowa are being educated on how to use computer vision software to process their data.9,000 construction workers at an Illinois-based energy company are learning how to handle digital data.10,000 IT technicians are learning to handle data analytics.11,000 high school students at a rural high school are working to learn how to manage data.12,000 teachers at a California-based charter school are learning about data management.13,000 nursing home employees in Michigan are learning the benefits of using the Internet of Things to provide health care services.14,000 sales representatives at a high technology company in Texas are learning more about data analytics and machine learning.15,000 retail sales people in California are learning new jobs in data analytics, digital marketing and sales.16,000 corporate finance executives at a global insurance company in New York are learning what data analytics is, and how to become a data scientist.17,000 public health and medical professionals in California have been training for three years in a new industry.18,000 software developers in Oregon are learning that using data science is not only a career but a business opportunity.19,000 business analysts in the United Kingdom are learning a new skill set that will allow them to make more informed decisions about what information they publish and how they share it.20,000 senior accounting executives in Arizona are learning from the experts at a financial company to better understand the financials they are making.21,000 medical providers in North Carolina are learning why the best data science practices apply to their practice and how that data can help them make more accurate decisions.22,000 technology engineers at a large health insurance company are going to work to learn what data science skills are needed to help them better manage and understand their data and what they can do to improve their efficiency.23,000 accountants in Massachusetts are learning they can’t get paid if they don’t have access to a data science training course.24,000 managers in New Mexico are learning using computer science to understand their systems and improve efficiency.25,000 financial analysts in Connecticut are learning if a company has data on its website, and if they can use that information to improve the way they are managing and delivering financial services.26,000 nurses in California will learn how their data helps them better care for their patients.27,000 doctors in New Jersey are learning better ways to diagnose illnesses and help patients in their hospitals.28,000 home health aides in California can learn about their job as they navigate a complex landscape of data.29,000 computer programmers in New Hampshire are learning data science to manage their teams and deliver better results.30,000 finance and accounting professionals in New Orleans are learning their first job is data analytics to analyze financial transactions.31,000 scientists in the state will learn about data science in a data-driven way to understand how information is used to solve real-world problems.32,000 social scientists in Iowa will learn to use their knowledge of the Internet and data science tools to understand what social scientists are saying, and to translate that knowledge into action.33,000 physicians in New England are learning some of the basics of data science and data analytics for diagnosing diseases.34,000 truck drivers in New Texas are taking a step forward by


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