The name of this Illinois mill in the late 1800s is still etched into our collective memories.

Its the first mill in Illinois to make metal for weapons.

The story goes that when a fellow named William C. Anderson was asked to design an armaments mill in 1885, he suggested it be located in Carbondale, a city on the banks of the Susquehanna River.

When Anderson was not working on weapons, he also built a copper mill in nearby Fayetteville.

The idea was that the copper mines would help make the steel used to make the arms.

The steel was then shipped to Springfield, where it was sold to Smith & Johnson, the company that produced the bullets for the Springfield Armory.

But it wasn’t until 1887 that Anderson and his partner, Thomas R. Woodard, actually started making guns.

They made pistols, rifles and shotguns in their home workshop.

It was during that time that the two men became well-known in Illinois.

One of the things that attracted Anderson’s interest in firearms was the possibility of making them for civilian users.

The gun makers had begun making handguns in Chicago by 1896, and in a few years the industry was booming, according to The New York Times in 1888.

So when Anderson was approached by the city’s city and county governments to start a firearms mill, he had no idea what he was getting into.

He knew that gun makers were already making guns, but they were making them in a way that was different.

Anderson didn’t want to be left out, so he asked Woodard to design a machine that would produce the components that were necessary for the production of the first rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Woodards machine was called a carbonde, and it was a hand-held, piston-driven mill.

Wood had worked in the steel industry for a while, so it was no surprise that he knew the design of a piston-powered mill.

The first rifles were made with carbondales, but it took about four years for the first guns to become readily available.

Carbondales had a cylinder that could hold a total of 16- or 18-inch barrels.

The cylinder would rotate a piston and propel the metal from one end of the cylinder to the other, with the metal moving with the force of gravity.

The carbondage also acted as a spring, which made it possible for the cartridge to be loaded into the rifle.

The cartridge was then inserted into the chamber of the gun and fired.

Carbonds were generally made by a gunsmith who could control the length of the barrel by turning a crank on the piston, and then rotating the crank until the cartridge was loaded.

Because the barrel was not completely stationary, the gun could be fired several times.

Carbridges also could be made by attaching a spring to a gun.

The same type of mechanism was used for the shotgun.

When the gun was loaded, the spring would move the bolt and release the round.

The bolt was then locked into place by pulling a pin and pulling the pin back on the bolt.

In addition to the barrel, the carbondaler was also made from steel.

This steel was ground into powder and loaded into a cartridge case.

The cartridges were then placed in a barrel that was then loaded with lead.

This allowed the powder to be carried off into the woods, where the cartridges were fired.

As for the pistols, Anderson and Woodard wanted to make them with a barrel length of 24 inches and a barrel weight of 15 pounds.

In a little more than a year, Anderson had his idea.

He designed a new cartridge made from a mix of iron, steel and zinc that was manufactured by the French company Dupont-Bussard.

It had a chamber length of 15 inches and weighed 14.6 pounds.

It weighed 1.8 ounces and was made of a combination of steel, copper and zinc.

The pistol was made by the same company that made the carbones, and Anderson’s machine was used to produce the first pistol made by Dupont.

Anderson had been hired to make pistols for the United States Army during World War I, and he made about 1,000 pistols.

When he returned to Illinois, he continued making guns until he was out of work.

In the early 1920s, he began selling his guns to the Illinois State Board of Education, which was in charge of the public schools in Carbonds.

When a newspaper in Carbont was published, Anderson was named the editor.

In 1924, Anderson’s sons Charles and Robert moved to Carbondalford to start the family business.

As the years passed, the brothers also began making firearms.

In 1926, Charles Anderson started the first company that marketed firearms.

His first gun, the Winchester Model 17, came out in 1930.

In 1939, the Anderson Brothers began selling firearms to the federal government.

In 1948, Charles and William Anderson were awarded the U.S. Medal of Freedom.

When I first went to Carb


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