A young man has become a new figurehead for Northern Ireland’s policing force.

H-I-H has become the face of the new chief constable.

The young man, from the town of H-I.I.

C, has been given the title Chief Constable H-J.H.C.

He was born in a Catholic orphanage in Londonderry in 1972, and has since become the leader of the police service in the south.

Hickey is seen as the ideal candidate for the job, because of his close relationship with the senior officers in the force.

A former police officer, Hickey had been involved in the investigation of a string of sexual assaults against girls in the town and has been an outspoken critic of the force’s handling of the problem.

He is also seen as being a champion of young people.

In the past, he had been seen as a potential successor to retired Police Commissioner Martin Callinan, who is stepping down as policing minister.

Hiccups in relations with the police over the past two years have made it difficult for him to take on the top job, but he is expected to be the most prominent figure at the top of the organisation.

In his new role, Hiccups has been tasked with helping to improve the morale of officers, as well as helping to ensure the safety of the community.

He has also been given new powers to take action on any cases of bullying or intimidation.

It comes after a number of officers resigned over the last year, including two in particular.

He will not be the first new figure to take up the top role of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), however, and there are many others who could be considered for the position.

This article first appeared in The Irish Mail on Sunday.


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