Saginawatts Manpower bureau has just released the numbers of employees and the number of jobs in the city.

The bureau is the state’s largest employer and is responsible for overseeing the operations of about 3,000 public and private sector employers.

Saginawa is a city of nearly 4 million people, but is the sixth-largest in the state.

The Bureau also has a small payroll of about 350 people.

The city’s unemployment rate of 8.5 per cent is the third-lowest in the province.

The number of people who left the city in January fell to 6,074 from 7,715.

The numbers also show that the city is the fifth-highest employer in the county.

“It’s a good job,” said Saginawan city councillor Tim Kinsman, who chairs the SaginAWoman group of workers, retirees and their families.

“We’ve been doing this for 40 years.

It’s really a very exciting time. “

Saginaw is growing.

It’s really a very exciting time.

It gives you a sense of what we’re seeing and what’s going on in the rest of the province.”

Manpower numbers have been in the spotlight since February, when the province’s labour market agency said there were almost 6,000 people unemployed in the Greater Saginamie area, up from 5,400 last year.

The province also announced that more than 2,000 of the city’s 2,200 workers are now part-time and another 400 are in part-timers.

On March 16, the bureau released the number for its full-time workforce of 1,800.

Man Power bureau spokesman Mark Schmitt said the bureau had previously released a more recent figure of 6,500 but had not updated it in years.

Kinsman said that he believed the figures were accurate and that the bureau would release a new one in about a week.

“This is not a surprise.

We’re getting used to it,” he said.

It’s important for us to make sure we keep on the right track, Kinsmann said.

“There are still lots of jobs coming in and there’s still a lot of people looking for jobs.”

The Bureau said it was working on the revised numbers, but would not say how many jobs it has, citing the sensitivity of the matter.

However, it added that while it was expecting a significant increase in employment, there were also challenges with the numbers being released.

Saginawa’s unemployment has been falling since mid-2016, when it was the eighth-highest in the country.

The rate of unemployment in Saginamiemigou County, the largest city in the area, has been dropping steadily, as well.

The last month was also the first time the city had an employment rate above 8 per cent.

But that’s not the same as being at full employment, said Saksi Wintunaki, an economist with the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

We have to be realistic and not panic, Wintuniaki said.

We need to be aware that we still have a lot to do and a lot more to do.

If you want to get a sense for how many people are out there looking for work, Winton said, you could look at the number who have been actively looking for employment.

In a statement, Konsiwan said the agency had a positive outlook for the province, and was hopeful of reaching a better employment rate.

‘It’s time to celebrate’ “There are a lot going on, but I’m really excited about it.

The economy is doing well,” Konsilian said.

I think there are still a number of challenges to overcome, he said, adding that the province needed to “get back on track”.

“But we’re on track, we’re getting ready to celebrate and to celebrate with our friends,” Kinsmans statement said.


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