The Army is considering building a new National Guardsman Corps.

The proposal would put about 1,000 soldiers in the service.

But it has some detractors, who say the move would weaken the force and force Americans to fight overseas.

The service also would have to find $1 billion to purchase new vehicles, radios, uniforms and other gear, which critics say could create a national security crisis.

National Guard members are the nation’s most vulnerable members of the military.

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, more than 2,500 members have died in combat, according to a study by the Army’s Institute for Defense Analyses.

Some of those deaths were preventable, according the study, but many others were caused by other causes.

“The National Guard is a very vulnerable force,” said Tom Gannon, a retired colonel who served as a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve.

“They have a high casualty rate and it’s a very difficult force to recruit.”

It’s unclear how many Guard members would join in the new Corps.

However, the Army estimates there are about 100,000 Guard members in the United States.

The National Guard was established in 1796 to provide protection to the American colonies during the Revolutionary War and World War I. Its mission is to keep soldiers home from battle, conduct reconnaissance and guard the frontier.

However in the last half-century, the National Guard has been strained by budget cuts and staffing shortages.

Some members have asked to be removed from active duty, but most are allowed to return to the reserves.

The current Army Corps is also considered the most powerful force in the U.S. It consists of about 30,000 troops.

About 9,000 National Guard soldiers are in active duty and about 2,000 retired National Guard officers.

National Guardsmen are part of the Guard Reserves, which have been activated to guard federal buildings, military bases and public transportation systems in a contingency plan.

The Guard Reserve is also the reserve for federal workers who would be able to return home after a deployment.

They include many federal workers and retirees who would also be able return to their jobs after a temporary absence.

The Reserves are composed of National Guard and Reserves personnel.

However they do not include military personnel who are deployed overseas and have to leave the country after a combat mission.

The Pentagon has been considering building up the National Guards from scratch.

The Army recently hired an independent consultant to conduct an assessment of the need for a new corps.

The Defense Department is looking at adding as many as 10,000 Army National Guard troops and adding up to 5,000 Reserve National Guard personnel, according a letter obtained by CBC News.

Some experts question the value of the Corps.

It’s already hard to recruit soldiers to the National Reserves and the military is not going to be able find enough reservists to fill the Army Corps, said Robert Ewing, a professor of military history at the Naval War College.

The Corps is a reserve force.

It does not have a force structure.

It is just a huge liability.” “

There is not a lot of incentive to recruit for the reserve.

It is just a huge liability.”

The National Reserve’s recruitment drive was cut off in the 1980s and 1990s, as the Army focused on its war in Afghanistan and Iraq, said Gannon.

The Reserve has been a major source of manpower for the Army, with more than a million troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The military was still hiring reservists before the 9/11 attacks, when the U


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