Polygon staff are out, and you’re left with a handful of places to turn for answers.

So we’ve put together this rundown of the key ones.

We’ve also provided some keynotes, as well as some of our own best guesses.

The answer to the question: Is this really a big deal?

It might seem like it at first, but we know that hiring is tough.

Polygon’s team has grown rapidly in the past year.

It’s one of the most-read news sites in the world, and the company has hired an amazing team of developers, artists, and programmers to bring the content to you.

Polygons staff has grown in size from 10 people to 40, and has grown from just a few hundred people in 2014 to more than one million people today.

As the company expands into new areas and expands its business, its staff has to find new ways to do their jobs.

This is where hiring comes in.

But hiring isn’t always easy.

The company had a difficult time recruiting developers, as the company often only hires from outside the company.

And the company was also hesitant to hire in-house developers for the new office in Elgin.

This may sound like a minor point, but in reality, hiring outside of the company is much more difficult.

This means hiring outside the software engineering community, which can be hard for anyone to navigate, and it means finding qualified developers, who may not always agree with you on everything.

It also means that you’ll need to make some sacrifices.

Here’s how we’re making sure hiring outside developers is done right.

The new office In 2017, the company hired the first of its new office locations in Elgnes.

Elgin is the first new office that will be open to all employees, but there will be no new office for a while.

Elgons team members will have to go out and find contractors for new office space, and we’ll be building new software in Elgal.

For now, the new offices will be available only to employees, though this may change in the future.

In 2019, we’ll have more details about the new Elgal office, and when we’ll release a news article on the new location.

The news and the layoffs The news: The news of layoffs at Polygon is not unexpected.

Earlier this year, Polygon was planning to lay off about half of its employees, and in October, the board of directors announced that it would lay off roughly one-third of its workforce.

While the layoffs were not directly related to layoffs at the company, they did leave a hole in the organization that the company would have to fill.

We are very happy to announce that the Polygon team has hired the best-qualified employees to help us grow the site in Elgon, and that the new Polygon office will be a great fit for us.

The layoffs are not related to our work at the time of layoffs, but rather, they were related to a restructuring plan that we implemented to better align the company’s growth with the companys needs.

As part of that plan, we hired more than 300 employees from outside of Polygon, bringing the number of staff to almost 500 people.

This includes the company s people who currently work for us, as they have been part of our community for more than a decade.

The people who left were able to work with the new team in Elga, which is a very important part of the organization’s growth plan.

We hope this new office will allow our team to continue working in a way that is more efficient and more productive.

The job cuts and the news The news is also good for the rest of the Polygon team, as it brings back a lot of key people.

The full staff of Polygony has been reduced by nearly half, and some of those cuts are coming directly from outside Polygon.

This will not be the case for the next year, but it’s good to know that the layoffs will be smaller and more concentrated than previous years.

We’ll continue to hire from outside as we move into 2018.

The best news is that we have the best people in the business to work for the site.

We have a team of people who know how to create beautiful, engaging news stories.

We also have a strong community that will help us keep the site alive, and will keep people coming back.

This isn’t about layoffs.

This was a great time for the company to hire people outside of its company and to hire new people who have the potential to do great things with Polygon in the years ahead.

And now we have a new location in Elgan, which should give us even more room to grow and make Polygon the best place to work.

The Polygon hiring site is coming soon, and is available to employees now.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new office and helping you thrive. Polyglot’s


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