Tempe, Arizona—On Tuesday, I sat down with Temple University President Michael Schoen to learn how to take the next step in recruiting the next generation of leadership.

The Temple experience, like any university, is unique in that we recruit through a process called attrition.

It is, after all, a learning process.

To learn more about how to build a new Temple team, read on.

The University of Texas, which is in charge of recruiting for the 2017-2018 academic year, has an attrition rate of about 2% for the incoming class.

Temple, on the other hand, has a much higher attrition rate, around 10%.

I asked Temple President Schoen how this compares to other schools.

“The University is about the most diverse institution in the country.

It’s about 40% white, 40% Asian, 20% Hispanic, 20%.

But I don’t think that is the story here,” he told me.

The key to Temple’s success in recruiting in recent years is the hiring of people from diverse backgrounds.

While we can’t have a university that’s diverse all of the time, we can have a diverse pool of people who are willing to work for a minimum wage and a salary that’s reasonable.

Temple is not just a great place to start looking for the next president, it’s also a great start.

In 2017, it hired two women and a Black woman to be its new president.

At Temple, diversity is a value that has always been the foundation of the university.

The reason why we have so many candidates is because we are a diverse institution.

Schoen told me about how Temple has hired people from all over the world.

“We’re trying to recruit people who understand how to do a lot of different things.

If you’re a teacher, or a lawyer, or an artist, we want you to be able to contribute to this university and to Temple and to this culture,” he said.

Schön said that Temple’s recruitment is focused on two main parts: “first, we’re looking to hire people who have a great understanding of how to be effective leaders; second, we are looking to attract people who can work in different roles.”

To that end, Temple has developed its own hiring strategy.

It has hired a new “diversity team,” comprised of people with different backgrounds.

They have been selected by Temple’s director of human resources, as well as the university’s hiring director, to work with the hiring director.

The hiring team has been trained in recruiting and diversity.

They are also involved in the recruiting process.

The recruitment process is a great way for Temple to keep track of the diversity of the campus.

Schoen said that this team was trained to recruit individuals from all around the country, which gives the university a lot more data on the diversity on campus.

The team also uses the team’s data to determine how to recruit new members.

The recruiting process is also a way to help Temple keep tabs on what the recruiting team does.

It helps to see how the recruiting staff’s efforts are going.

When I asked Schoen about how the hiring team is trained to make the recruitment decisions, he said, “We have an internship program.

That is a very important part of our recruitment.

The internship program is a part of what our recruiting team is doing.

The people that are hired to work in that internship are trained to do that.

When they do that, they’re going to have a lot to learn.

They’re going for a lot.”

The recruiting team, which has been around for years, is trained in how to use social media.

Temple is now hiring people who use Twitter and Facebook to get a sense of how Temple’s recruiting team looks.

This is also something that Schoen has been teaching since 2015.

Schneen told me that Temple is a company that doesn’t shy away from diversity.

He explained that Temple has been doing this for a while.

“Temple University is a place where diversity is accepted and embraced.

We want to do everything we can to support diversity in the University of Arizona,” he explained.

“And we want to be as inclusive as we can.”

Temple’s recruiting has always depended on the hiring.

It doesn’t matter if the job candidate is from the Philippines or Bangladesh or even just from another country.

“If the person is Asian, we have to hire them.

We don’t care.

They don’t matter,” Schoen explained.

The hiring process is not the only part of the recruiting that Temple does.

Schön said Temple has a diversity program to help recruit from within.

This includes a diversity scholarship program for students from different countries.

In 2016, Temple hired the first female to lead the program.

The scholarship program allows a student to choose one of the four types of scholarships available.

In 2018, Temple awarded the first honorarium to a women from Bangladesh.

Tempe is also taking an active role in the fight against sexual assault. “Sexual


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