With fire, there’s always a chance you could end up burning your fingers or toes, or getting trapped in a burning building.

But if you can use a portable torch, you can make sure your friends are safe.

Auckland firefighters are using a portable, waterproof torch to help them deal with the massive fires that have devastated parts of New Zealand.

They say the portable torch is much more effective at extinguishing flames, and can also help firefighters deal with fires that spread from person to person.

“We’ve got about 100 fires, we’ve got a lot of people trapped in these buildings and it’s difficult to get out,” fire chief Andy Burdick said.

“So we’re going to have to get a lot more creative, we’re also going to need to get people in and out of these buildings, we’ll need a lot less water, and that’s where the portable can come in.”

The portable torch has been specially designed to be carried on the person’s back.

The chief said if you have an emergency kit, and you don’t have a torch, then you can still use it to help out.

“You can still carry it, you just need to take a torch,” he said.

“You don’t need to wear it, it’s waterproof, it will not get in the way of your work, you’re not going to be burning yourself or anyone else.”

Fire crews are using the portable fire extinguisher on the front of the building to keep it from spreading to other buildings.

“The torch is going to protect the building,” he explained.

“If you are in the front or back of the fire, it can be difficult for them to get the fire out, so it’s a good idea to be able to move around and to use your fire extinguishers on the fire and get a few places clear.”

Firefighters say the handheld torch can also be used to extinguish fires that cause large fires.

“It’s got a range of different functions,” fire spokesman Anthony Young said.

It can also have a range from making sure that you don


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