Posted November 30, 2018 12:08:22My first day at Theguardian, a prestigious British newspaper with a circulation of over 2 million, was a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows.

I arrived on a Monday morning, the weather had been nice and clear, and I was greeted by the usual greetings and announcements from my bosses, including the editor in chief.

It was an exciting time, and the atmosphere at the office was positive.

The office was packed with staff from a range of media organisations, including The Guardian.

The atmosphere in my new office was good and welcoming.

The people around me were professional, and there was no one who was rude.

But as soon as I walked into the office, I realised something was wrong.

In my new cubicle, there was a large banner saying “Hello” on it.

The message was the same:I have a complaint.

I was given a number of options.

Some were polite, and others were hostile, but none of them seemed to be helping.

The following week, a woman approached me, claiming that I had done something inappropriate at a party a few weeks earlier.

I told her I had been a guest at a wedding, but that I was just a guest and had been told to “keep it to myself”.

She did not listen.

I went on to explain that I have been a Guardian journalist for the past 20 years and that I never make any allegations about the way I am treated.

She was annoyed and told me to “go away”.

I explained that I wanted to report what had happened, and that the Guardian was not responsible for the behaviour of my new colleague.

I asked her to stop, but she continued to harass me and made disparaging remarks.

She made a statement that it was not my fault, and suggested that I could have my job back if I wanted.

I left.

My experience was one of the most disturbing I have ever experienced.

I went to a number from different organisations to talk about my complaints, but was repeatedly told that the complaints would not be taken seriously.

I ended up calling several HR companies, including those that handled my complaints.

In some cases, the HR department responded, saying that the HR person was not aware of the issue and that there was nothing they could do about it.

This is not the first time that I felt this way.

I have previously complained about the treatment of other journalists, including on The Daily Mail, which I had previously covered.

I have also complained about how my experiences at The Daily Telegraph were handled by the editor-in-chief of the paper, Nick Pickles.

The last time I had this experience was when I first contacted the HR company.

It was after the editor had asked me to stop writing about my concerns about the editor’s behaviour, saying, “I’m going to tell you that we’ve got to keep it to ourselves, otherwise we won’t get anything done”.

The problem is that, for reasons that have yet to be explained, the paper has continued to treat me with disrespect and contempt.

The newspaper is now in the midst of an internal review to see whether it is being fair to complain about the behaviour, and if it has been treating me fairly and appropriately.

I am writing to the Guardian to tell them that it is time for them to change.

I want to say that I understand that the problems that I described in this email are not unique to The Guardian or to its staff.

The behaviour that I describe in this blog post is very common.

In addition, I believe that The Guardian has a responsibility to take action against any of its journalists who behave badly in the way they treat others.

The Guardian is an important news organisation that has a long history of providing quality journalism to the public, and to those around the world who need to know that news.

The article below was written by the former editor-at-large of The Guardian, Ben Jacobs.

Ben has worked at The Observer, The Sunday Times, The New York Times and the Guardian since 2006.

Ben is also the author of several books including, Most Dangerous Times: How The West Went to War in Afghanistan, and Why We Shouldn’t Let the Syrian War Go On.

He is a regular contributor to The Conversation and The Daily Beast.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.


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