By Tom LovelessThe United States military’s manpower management plan for fiscal 2017 is due to be submitted to Congress on Wednesday.

The military says it expects to have a final version in place by the end of October.

The Pentagon plans to spend $1.3 billion on the effort, which includes a massive boost in the number of active-duty personnel, a more streamlined recruitment process and a new recruitment site for enlisted soldiers.

The military plans to hire 5 million more troops by 2022.

It is also looking to hire another 9 million by 2022 and 14 million by 2023.

It has also created an office of the chief of staff for the Army and Marine Corps to help coordinate recruitment efforts.

The Army has said it is aiming to get 4 million recruits in 2022, and 4 million by 2025.

The Marines, which has about 1.3 million active-service personnel, is aiming for a 3 million increase this year.

The Navy is aiming at 2.2 million recruits by 2027, and about 3 million recruits each year by 2025, according to the military.

The Pentagon has not provided details on how many of the new recruits would be from the Army, which is one of the largest military commands in the world.

The Army currently has about 4.5 million active duty personnel, according the Pentagon.

But the Pentagon says it is not focusing on recruiting new troops from the Navy or the Air Force.

The plan includes hiring a large number of additional civilian personnel to help oversee recruiting and recruitment, the Pentagon said in a statement.

These personnel would include a recruiter who would help recruit candidates from outside the U.S., a recruitor for military spouses, and a recrucer for military families, the statement said.

The move is expected to increase recruitment and recruitment efforts by the Army to more than 4 million people by 2026, the military said.

The department expects the manpower plan to create new jobs and boost morale for those on active duty.

In January, the U,S.

military’s top commanders met to discuss changes in personnel management.

Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, the top general in the U., told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the military’s workforce was “at critical risk of a massive decline in manpower,” according to The New York Times.

Austin said the Army’s workforce would shrink by more than 30 percent over the next decade.

The Defense Department has also said that the Army could be in serious financial trouble by 2029.

The new plan would require the Army Corps of Engineers to make improvements to the recruitment process, according a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

The corps of engineers is responsible for recruiting workers to fill the openings at military bases, military installations and other government buildings, including airports.

The corps has not yet released a timeline for how it plans to manage the workforce.

In a recent interview with NPR, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said the new manpower plan will not have a significant impact on recruiting.

“The plan is going to make recruiting easier, but it’s not going to have an impact on our ability to recruit people,” Milley told NPR.

Milley said he and his team had worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to improve the way recruitment was conducted.

He added that he was “extremely confident” that the plan would have a positive impact on recruitment and retention.


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